Who we are

Assist With Solutions™ was founded with the stated intent of assisting SME businesses in achieving their true potential.

Our CEO Andy MacDonald is greatly concerned at the high failure rate of businesses in this sector which he feels is exacerbated by a lack of affordable access to professional planning solutions and support.


Andy built a management team of people with experience of running their own businesses and then recruited Business Solutioneers who brought similar experience or specific sector expertise.

We have developed our AWS One Team Solutions platform through forming strategic alliances with specialist service providers who deliver support to our clients and are also developing our own network of support providers.

When we started building the network we realised there was a wealth of talent and expertise out there that sought more flexible working and by offering that elusive work-to-life balance we are signing-up some of the best in their business.

Together our AWS team is uniquely poised to offer you the right support at the right price wherever you are in your business cycle. Why not give us a call to discuss what’s keeping you awake at night and see how we can help.


Our Business Solutioneers

These are the people who make it all happen – experienced business people who are in a position to pass on their knowledge and expertise to our clients.

They understand from personal experience the pressures and challenges facing owners of SME’s and you can rely on their straight-talking no-nonsense approach.

Their role will be to project manage the implementation of your strategic plan developed during your initial AWS Business Booster workshop and assist you in achieving your business goals.

They have access to all the resources of our AWS One Team Solutions platform to deliver the right solutions for you and will project manage the work to ensure it meets your requirements.

For more information email solutioneer@awsthequest.co.uk