Support is everything

Q. Tell me about AWS?

‘AWS are a specialist project planning and management company and at the core of our business is a pioneering strategic planning system developed in association with Cambridge University.
Our system offers  both online  and  offline functionality and  is designed to assist Growth Businesses or businesses undertaking a wide range of Specialist Projects, for example – Trading Internationally.’

Our system is called ‘Business Booster’ – we use information gathered during the research from hundreds of businesses across  numerous  sectors and projects that were successful in achieving their goals as to what actions they took during their projects to achieve their success.

The information identified actions in 5 key areas – Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Operations and People that were common to those successful companies and this information allows us to create a success template for our clients projects.

At Assist With Solutions‚ we believe that size isn’t everything, that even small and medium-sized businesses deserve the very best quality of support.

Meeting your needs

In our experience all businesses want practical solutions and down-to-earth advice at affordable prices. No time wasting, posturing or endless meetings just a ‘roll up your sleeves and get on with it’ approach.

One Team Solutions

Time is a precious commodity and so too is quality. We’ve done the legwork for you and created our unique AWS One Team Solutions platform which offers a full range of business support services that have been specifically developed for SMEs. We can vouch for their quality and affordability. You can access any of the services as and when you need them providing you with total flexibility.

Personal support

We draw on our significant experience to identify the right support for your business whether you’re starting-up, expanding, getting ready to exit or anything in between. We’ll provide you with the on-going support of an AWS Solutioneer who can provide practical advice and access our network on your behalf.