What is an AWS ‘Business Solutioneer’?

An AWS ‘Business Solutioneer’ is someone who examines a problem, analyzes and explores its possibilities, determines solutions and courses of action, and effectively carries those solutions and actions through to a successful end.

Who are AWS ‘Business Solutioneers’?

AWS ‘Business Solutioneers’ are proven, high achieving professionals who have previously overseen growth in their own or a third party business.

Entry is by invitation only and successful applicants are selected following a rigorous appraisal process by the AWS selection panel.

What is the AWS 3 x 1 approach?

3 areas of complete focus by one team:

  1. We initially assist our clients to create a detailed strategic plan to achieve growth.
  2. We then work with them to increase efficiencies in all cost areas in order    to maximise profitability.
  3. We assist them in gaining new clients and maximise returns from existing ones, this increases revenues into the business.

By undertaking these 3 steps, our ‘Quest’ clients significantly increase both turnover and profitability in their businesses, which in turn has a dramatic effect on the valuation of their business.

Every extra pound of net profit our clients achieve is potentially multiplied by 7 on the valuation of  their business (using EBITDA multiple of 7).

What is the profile of an AWS ‘Quest’client?

AWS will accept Growth and Growth Potential businesses onto ‘The Quest’ that are committed to increasing the valuation of their enterprises by in excess of £1Million over a 1-3 year duration.

Our ‘Quest’ Growth clients would typically be £1M – £100M t/o businesses who are committed to increasing turnover and profitability by at least 10-15% per annum, while our Growth Potential clients are typically young businesses, with sub £1M t/o, but who are growing very rapidly.

Entry is by invitation only following a rigorous assessment process by the AWS selection panel.

What is the starting point?

The starting point for an AWS ‘Quest’ client business, will entail conducting a ‘Business Booster’ session with their management team.

All AWS Business Solutioneers will be licensed, trained and accredited deliverers of the AWS ‘Business Booster’ platform prior to engaging with Quest clients.

We use our exclusive and pioneering ‘Business Booster’ strategic planning  system to identify the goal and determine what actions need to be done, when and by whom for a successful conclusion.
Exclusive to AWS and developed in association with Cambridge University’s – Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, using data gathered from hundreds of successful businesses across numerous sectors and projects as to what steps they took to achieve their success, our pioneering platform uses this information to create a bespoke strategic growth plan for clients.

To aid the client generation process, AWS has partnered with one of Europe’s leading marketing consultancies, who offer both digital and off line applications.

To increase cost efficiencies in ‘Quest’ clients businesses, AWS has partnered with the UK’s leading cost management organisation and together are able to identify and implement cost management and efficiencies in 120 different areas of operations.

We have at our disposal some of the best project managers,marketing and cost management professionals available to assist us in achieving client, revenue and profit growth for all our ‘Quest’ clients.

AWS will charge Quest clients a small monthly fee for the project management services of a Business Solutioneer and agree prior to engagement with a ‘Quest’ client a percentage success fee upon achievement of the goal.

(IRO 15% of increase in business valuation during participation on ‘The Quest’)

AWS Specialist Projects planning services are available to companies that do not qualify for ‘The Quest’ for whatever reason, but wish to focus on a specific project within the areas outlined.

  • Business Growth.
  • International Trade.
  • Carbon Reduction.
  • Marketing.
  • Operations.
  • Finance.
  • IT
  • Compliance
  • CSR
  • H.R.

Business Assist is an ongoing project management support service that is offered to clients undertaking specialist projects to ensure a satisfactory completion is achieved.

What is an Accredited Business Solutioneer expected to do?

An AWS Business Solutioneer will firstly produce a strategic development plan for their client using our exclusive ‘Business Booster’ platform, which will detail what needs to be done, when and by whom to achieve a business goal. You will then work with the client in a project management capacity and support them, in successfully delivering the plan and achieving the goal outlined .

Do I have to work full-time or can I work part-time?

The choice is yours. We have Solutioneers who want to work 5 days per week and others who only want to work part time.

Would I have to re-locate?

Each AWS Business Solutioneer is free to work from home, or in a nearby office.

Would I be an employee?

You would be part of the AWS Quest client solutions team and operate on a self employed basis. However, employed or non – executive roles may be offered to you by your clients should you wish to pursue this avenue with them.

What is the salary for an AWS Business Solutioneer?

Only employees get a salary. As an AWS Business Solutioneer, you will control your own hours, income and future without the usual controls and politics of employment.

What would be my earning potential?

Your earning potential, would greatly depend on how much time and effort you wish to put in. Quite simply as in most things in life, the more you do, the more you receive.

What is the level of investment required?

Depending on the level of accreditation / training required, minimum investment from £23,000.

How can I get more information or be considered for joining AWS as an accredited Business Solutioneer?

Please send your CV to solutioneer@awsthequest.co.uk and we will contact you.