Business Solutioneers

Every year, an increasing number of experienced business professionals are changing direction from full time corporate positions, into a new career stage based on a portfolio of strategic part-time roles with different businesses, using their experience and qualifications gained during a lifetime of work to help others achieve their business goals.

Assist With Solutions provides an integrated system which encompasses Strategy, Systems and Support platforms to assist you in this process.

We continuously seek talented and experienced executives, managers, mentors, interim managers, non-executive directors, consultants, trainers, facilitators and advisors to become accredited AWS Business Solutioneers.


The Role

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an accredited Assist With Solutions’ Business Solutioneer, please see below and contact us.

As a licensed Assist With Solutions Business Solutioneer, following an initial training and accreditation programme, you would work with entrepreneurs , MD’s, directors and owners of Growth and Growth potential businesses engaged in ‘The Quest’ initiative in a strategic and project management capacity assisting them in using our unique 3×1 approach to increase the value of their business to a predetermined level. (circa £1M+)

Your own experience and qualifications, combined with our proven and comprehensive strategic and support platforms, will provide the basis on which to build, or further expand clients businesses.

You can also provide the specialist area in which you are qualified to other Assist With Solutions Business Solutioneers, and their clients.

Within the organisation there is an opportunity to join with other Business Solutioneers in either a formal or informal capacity.

Assignments differ enormously from one day workshops to multi-month projects.

Client fees are determined by AWS and all Quest clients will be centrally administered.

As an AWS Business Solutioneer, you will work as part of ‘The Quest’ client solutions team either full time or part time; as a specialist or a general mentor; thus achieving the balance in lifestyle you would like.

A Role for you?

  • Do you have project management experience?
  • Do you enjoy being in charge of your own life?
  • Do you have a genuine wish to help people in business?
  • Are you goal oriented?
  • Do you have the ability to keep a balanced approach even under pressure?
  • Do you have a practical hands-on approach to solving business problems?
  • Do you have a proven ability?
  • Do you have high ethical standards?

If so, there might be a place in AWS for you!

The Benefits

Becoming an accredited Assist With Solutions Business Solutioneer will provide you with significant benefits in starting, growing and managing your own business.

If you are already an independent business advisor, being part of our team will assist you in expanding your existing business.

AWS provide:
Training and Accreditation in delivering ‘AWS Business Booster’, our exclusive and revolutionary, ‘cloud based’ online and offline business planning and virtual support system.

Also included:

  • First class and fully proven start-up training and ongoing support for any new Solutioneer.
  • Access to centrally acquired ‘Quest’, clients.
  • Access to a full range of strategic and project management products for you to provide to your clients.
  • Proven methodologies to deliver assignments effectively.
  • A team of like-minded professionals that will supplement your personal skills and expertise. This will enable you to present a powerful one team solutions professional support facility to your clients.
  • Marketing support for your business through a strong brand and fully developed marketing materials.
  • The opportunity to share in quality leads generated by other members and also those centrally produced.
  • Continuous professional development programme.

The Next Step

If this is an opportunity you would like to explore, please in the first instance, forward your CV to

To ensure the continuous quality offered to our clients and fellow advisors, we apply a thorough selection process, as well as an ongoing CPD and monitoring programme.

We look forward to hearing from you.